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■ After sales service
1. Responsible for accepting and handling objections to products sold, formulating objection handling plans, organizing relevant departments and personnel to implement treatment plans, and tracking and checking the timeliness of objection processing, revision, and financial processing;
2. Responsible for organizing relevant departments to carry out technical services to customers, tracking and understanding the after-sales situation of products, and providing consulting services to customers in use;
3. Comprehensive statistics, analysis and summary of the objection to the sale of the product;
4. Responsible for the finishing, processing and anti-finance of after-sales information;
5. Responsible for the management and sales of foreign stocks due to the handling of dissent.

■ Content of customer online services
1. Product information inquiry: including product maintenance, installation structure drawings, technical parameters and price inquiry;
2, pre-sales and after-sales service: including online release of fault information and product improvement advice;
3. Cooperation intention communication: including engineering project cooperation, technology development cooperation and venture capital investment cooperation;
4. Other services: including free access to human resources and the latest academic information in the industry, you can also post your complaints about the quality of our services.
The company will be based on the "first-class products, quality, management, long-term integrity, the pursuit of unlimited service to contribute to customers!" business philosophy, sincerely serve our customers, with the fastest response time and the best quality of service, to solve Your worries, let our products and services create more convenience and wealth for you!

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